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Secure, Safe, Satisfy




PT Digdaya Solusi Andalan is a professional company that specializes in providing strategic and innovative Human Resources (HR) Outsourcing and Personnel Recruitment solutions to assist clients in implementing HR programs to meet organizational challenges and goals to provide added value in developing business so that Clients can still focus on business competency lines.

As companies develop to remain relevant and competitive, the management of human resources required becomes increasingly complex, so that many companies are aware of the need for support to remain focused on business competency lines. In response to this, personnel consisting of reliable and experienced professionals initiated the establishment of PT Digdaya Solusi Andalan to become the best choice for providing effective solutions in addition to controlling costs, maximizing resource availability, and also gaining a competitive advantage.


Best in service, professional in handling, be the best labor supplier in the future.


Creates secure, safety, comfort, satisfaction feels and can serve the community.


Secure, Safe, Satisfy


  • The establishment of professional human resources which fostering continuous planned, programmed and sustainable.
  • Raw and clear security system, as well as the SOP.
  • A clear role and job description.
  • The provision of education, tools, and guidance programmed.
  • Properly infrastructure and welfare.
  • The ideal location and security objects.
  • Create a secure and comfort condition.



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