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Security or secure feels is a necessity for every human being in implementing lives, either individually or in a community.

With a sense of security, then each individual and social group / community will be able to carry out the activity or activities, so the daily life target can be achieved.

Based on that needs, therefore Indonesia Police issued a policy that allows the common public to participate in the implementation of private security.

Recognizing this, then to create a structured security should start from security members (security guards) were recruited with basic standards and specific education, so they can work professionally as well as quick and responsive to handle all security situations in their premises.


  • Supply and procurement of security personnel
  • Security training
  • Security Consultant (Advice Services)
  • Other manpower supply
  • Security outbound
  • VIP Escort
  • Security Equipment and Devices Supply
  • Security application system
  • Cleaning Service
  • Driver
  • Training on Cleaning Service
  • Supply Housekeeping Equipment and Devices



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